Los Angeles, California

Built to Specx

X-15 is built to spec.

We are a production partner centered on innovation and collaboration. We develop concepts. Build models. Run programs.

We specialize in solutions that don’t fit nicely into  existing frameworks. We figure it out, make it happen, and bring it to the world. We’ll take you there.


X-15 drives every part of any project from beginning to end including budgeting, talent management, contracts, clearances, execution and delivery.


Deployed for projects of all stripes and scale. Our efficient, nuanced teams develop and streamline processes with a knack for doing the never-been-done.


Only as good as the company you keep, we’ve built relationships with the best. Our network is global and diverse. And we’re experts at sourcing fresh talent.

Brian DiLorenzo

President/Head of X-15

Brian founded X-15 to accelerate abstract assignments and forge unique, independent industry partnerships. A hands-on producer by trade who oversaw production wings at Fallon, BBDO, McCann, Commonwealth and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, Brian drives innovation and bold creative across every production deliverable. Besides his Head of Production roles, Brian co-founded independent agency Ming Utility and Entertainment and its offshoot Ming Studios. He’s been called a game changer, producing iconic, influential campaigns and truly groundbreaking branded content that’s been honored with all the top awards.

Matthew Marquis

Special Projects Division

Matt’s pioneering, award-winning work with forward thinking brands is the new frontier. A veteran of motion graphics and production companies like Brand New School, Stardust, and Logan,  Matt founded Golden, a multi-disciplinary production company. He has developed a roster of directors working in all mediums and led design, animation, and live-action divisions from coast to coast before launching X-15. Matt drives teams with leading edge expertise, laser-focused on seamless integration of all phases of the creative and production process. 

Kristen Reut

Head of Business Operations 

Kristen leads X-15’s panoramic Business Affairs, Procurement and Finance units, crucial hubs for getting projects off the ground. Kristen’s command of scoping, talent, legal and clearance has allowed our team to rewrite the playbook for brands making their own content. She’s led Business Affairs departments at Ming Studios, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Saatchi LA, and Deutsch LA serving large brands like Apple, Toyota and Best Buy. She’s at home shepherding agreements of all shapes and sizes between brands, agencies, talent unions, influencers, production companies and other partners.

Adam Davis

Head of Production/VP, Development

Decorated veteran of Goodby, Commonwealth, McCann, The Work, and Ming Utility and Entertainment, Adam is known for delivering the impossible, thanks to far-reaching resources and a truly hybrid skillset. In the automotive world, Adam worked through the ranks of agency production, producing every kind of deliverable on international campaigns, while handling the trickiest of music assignments and celebrity VO castings. As Executive Producer, most recently for Best Buy and Stellantis, Adam produced broadcast spots, social content, docs, and branded entertainment. 

Ted Markovic

Strategic Operations

Ted helps brands answer what can we do in-house, and how? He builds and runs large scale marketing and production operations with notable, award-winning creative. He previously transformed and led Steelhead, Deutsch LA’s in-house editorial department into a standalone, creative production agency. He co-founded The Molecule, a VFX company that services every major network and streaming service. His greatest strength and success has been developing creative content components inside larger organizations; some consider him an intrapreneur

Clair Hoffman

Studio Director

A specialist at tailoring infrastructure, optimizing teams, and directing communications, Clair sets the stage for projects of all sizes. Before X-15, Clair ran studio and office operations at Ming Studios and Juice, catering to brands, agencies, networks, and game studios. She’s programmed and produced events ranging from book and film festivals to multi-day, live entertainment and experiential events for clients like American Express, Honda, and Microsoft. At X-15 she commands the hub, keeping crews calm and cared for.

Brand Experience

We’ve collectively produced thousands of commercials for brands in every category, for every budget and executional need. Case studies available upon request.


Including 5 Grand Prix, 2 Titaniums and 15 Best-in-Shows, in areas ranging from interactive, integrated campaigns, design, broadcast, outdoor, cyber, promo and activation, media, film and OOH.

Best Buy

Creative Partner
Special Projects
Production Management & Execution

Driven to innovate, Best Buy’s newly-formed in-house creative department called for equal innovation from its production partner. From the outset of their brand refresh, we engineered a non-traditional system for producing 50 spots a year while retaining top-tier vendor talent, building on efficiencies, and elevating communication. From there, we were off to other assignments. We built a large-scale operation for high-quantity, high-quality branded social content. And we captured the impact of a powerful community program.